Research Article

Changing Trends in Eye-Related Complaints Presenting to the Emergency Department in Beirut, Lebanon, over 15 Years

Table 1

International society of ocular trauma classification of ocular trauma, including selected diagnoses.

CategoryExamples of ICD-9 diagnoses

Penetrating eye injuries871—open wound of eyeball, including laceration, rupture, avulsion, and penetration of eye

Nonpenetrating eye trauma921—contusion of eye and adnexa

Nontraumatic ophthalmic emergencies360—endophthalmitis
361.0—retinal detachment with retinal defects
362.31—central retinal artery occlusion
362.35—central retinal vein occlusion
365.22—acute angle-closure glaucoma
376.01—orbital cellulitis
377.3—optic neuritis
940—burn confined to the eye and adnexa (including chemical burns)

Nontraumatic, nonurgent ophthalmic conditions372—disorders of the conjunctiva, including acute conjunctivitis, subconjunctival hemorrhage
373—inflammation of eyelids