Journal of Ophthalmology / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Horizontal Saccadic Velocity in Patients with Exotropia before and after Unilateral Resection and Recession Surgery

Table 1

Summary of patients with exotropia.

No.AgeSexDominant eyeSurgical dose (mm)Deviation angle at near (PD)Deviation angle at far (PD)Stereopsis (second)
Before surgeryAfter surgeryBefore surgeryAfter surgeryBefore surgeryAfter surgery

127MLERE: MR4.0 LR4.030161444040
231MLERE: MR6.5 LR6.557072010060
335FLERE: MR7.0 LR7.5406508400100
421MLERE: MR5.5 LR4.54512402RE sup3000
570FLERE: MR6.0 LR5.558042−2RE sup100
66MLERE: MR6.0 LR6.0451635105050
722FLERE: MR6.0 LR7.059−15105040
813MRELE: MR5.0 LR4.535−1025−24040
911MRELE: MR4.5 LR4.53562564040
108FRELE: MR6.5 LR6.540235410040
1113MRELE: MR4.5 LR4.51622014040
1237FRELE: MR7.0 LR6.5598404LE sup3000
1313MRELE: MR6.5 LR8.0502045810040
1480FRELE: MR6.5 LR8.05518608LE sup200
1553MRELE: MR8.0 LR8.0953087185050
1620FRELE: MR5.5 LR4.0522030104040
1710MLERE: MR6.0 LR6.530−830−104040
1812FRELE: MR5.0 LR4.525025414050

M : male; F : female; RE : right eye; LE : left eye; MR: medial rectus; LR: lateral rectus; PD: prism diopter; sup: suppression.