Journal of Osteoporosis / 2011 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

The Oslo Health Study: A Dietary Index Estimating Frequent Intake of Soft Drinks and Rare Intake of Fruit and Vegetables Is Negatively Associated with Bone Mineral Density

Table 2

Association between single items of foods/beverages possibly influencing the acid load and distal forearm bone mineral density, adjusted for possible confounding variables. Linear regression.

Adjusted for covariatesa,b Adjusted for all the other food items listed and the covariatesa

Colasc−0.003 (0.001).012−0.002 (0.001).067
Non-cola soft drinksc−0.004 (0.002).026−0.003 (0.002).128
Fruit/berriesd 0.001 (0.001).216 0.000 (0.001).812
Cooked vegetablesd0.000 (0.001).933 −0.001 (0.001).670
Raw vegetablesd0.002 (0.001).0460.002 (0.001).174
Fruit juiced0.001 (0.001).3150.001 (0.001).386

aGender, age, weight, height, years at school, smoking, frequency of alcohol intake, and leisure time physical activity.
bPerformed with one by one of the items of food/beverages as main independent
cFive intake frequency estimates (see Section 2)
dSix intake frequency estimates (see Section 2).
Unstandardized (B) regression coefficients are shown.