Table 2: Responses for Susceptibility and Seriousness subscale questions of college-aged students from China and the USA.

(5 possible points)USA

Mean ± SD

Mean ± SD
-test -value

(1) Your chances of getting osteoporosis are high. 5.60*.000
(2) Because of your body build, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis. 4.51*.000
(3) It is extremely likely that you will get osteoporosis. −.02.983
(4) There is a good chance that you will get osteoporosis. −1.51.131
(5) You are more likely than the average person to get osteoporosis. .24.807
(6) Your family history makes it more likely that you get osteoporosis. −.23.818
(7) The thought of having osteoporosis scares you. 2.68*.007
(8) If you had osteoporosis you would be crippled. 2.96*.003
(9) Your feelings about yourself would change if you got osteoporosis. 1.78.075
(10) It would be very costly if you got osteoporosis. 6.93*.000
(11) When you think about osteoporosis you get depressed. −.44.661
(12) It would be very serious if you got osteoporosis. 11.89*.000

*Significant at .