Table 1: Baseline characteristics of the male coeliac patients and age matched healthy control subjects.


Age (yr)13328ns
Weight (kg)13328ns
Height (cm)13328ns
BMI (kg/m2)13328ns
Serum Ca (mmol/L)9127ns
Serum albumin (g/L)13127ns
Serum PTH (pmol/L)513.5 (2.2–5.6)244.4 (2.0–8.9)ns
Serum alkaline phosphatase (iu/L)13162 (48–80)2679 (65–96)0.01
UCa/Cr (mmol/mmol) 750.32 (0.19–0.43)260.19 (0.12–0.41)ns
UNTx/Cr nmol BCE/mmol Cr8138.9 (26.9–50.1)2736.2 (23.3–46.3)ns
TSH (mu/L)Not available241.86 (1.52–2.41)Ø

Normal range for TSH is 0.5–4.5 mu/L.
Excluding 5 patients taking oral calcium supplements.
Serum PTH and ALP values are mean ± 1 standard deviation of the antilogged values (see Section 2).
Mann–Whitney test.
Values are mean ± SD or for the italicized data median and range.