Table 1: Characteristics and outcomes of respondents.

n * (%)

Condition: one or more of

Multiple conditions (included in the above)
 Preeclampsia and HELLP13(19.1%)
 Preeclampsia and eclampsia1(1.5)
 Eclampsia and HELLP1(1.5)
 Preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP2(2.9)

PE** experience
 One pregnancy55(80.9)
 Two or more pregnancies13(19.1)

Highest level of care received
 Normal labour and postnatal care5(7.4)
 Labour ward with additional care24(35.3)
 Adult intensive care unit39(57.4)

Timing of delivery
 After 37 weeks10(14.7)
 Between 30 weeks and 36 weeks 6 days31(45.6)
 Before 30 weeks27(39.7)

Delivery earlier than planned
 Concern for maternal welfare23(33.8)
 Concern for fetal welfare/fetal death7(10.3)
 Concern for both mother and fetus33(48.5)

Perinatal/infant death
 Death within one week4(5.9)
 Death one week to six weeks3(4.4)
 Death six weeks to six months1(1.5)
 Death after six months1(1.5)

*Not all answers completed by respondents.
**Hereafter, PE used to capture all of Preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP.