Journal of Pregnancy / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Danish Sonographers’ Experiences of the Introduction of “Moderate Risk” in Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome

Table 2

Topic guide.

TopicExamples of questions

Implementation of NIPT(i) Do you think implementing NIPT was a good idea? (Why/why not?)
(ii) How was the pregnant women’s reaction to NIPT?

The moderate-risk group(i) Do you think there were any problems connected to the fact that pregnant women could be identified as in moderate risk? (Any benefits?)
(ii) Did you think differently about the risk of the pregnant women that were in a moderate risk group compared to earlier times? (Why/why not?)

Risk communication(i) Do you think about the word risk when you talk to the pregnant women?
(ii) How exactly did you tell pregnant women that they were in a moderate risk group?

Consequences for the pregnant women(i) How did the women react being identified as in moderate risk? (Examples?)
(ii) Did you have a feeling of causing the women unnecessary anxiety?

The discontinuation(i) How do you feel about that the moderate risk group no longer exists?
(ii) What thoughts do you have about that pregnant women, who earlier would be in a moderate risk group and offered NIPT, today not are offered any additional tests?