Journal of Pathogens / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

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Toxoplasmosis and Polygenic Disease Susceptibility Genes: Extensive Toxoplasma gondii Host/Pathogen Interactome Enrichment in Nine Psychiatric or Neurological Disorders

Table 1

Results of the KEGG pathway analysis of the T. gondii host/pathogen interactome (host genes): Immune and defence pathways, Diseases and other infections. The number of genes recovered in each pathway is in brackets and the enrichment value from the CPDB analysis, provided where available, and significant values highlighted in bold.

Number of 

Immune and defence
 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (103)2.02E20
 Chemokine signalling pathway (64)3.19E09
 Toll-like receptor signalling pathway (52)9.24E17
 Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity (46)2.73E07
 T cell receptor signalling pathway (45)1.52E10
 Hematopoietic cell lineage (42)1.52E12
 Leukocyte transendothelial migration (36)0.000149
 NOD-like receptor signalling pathway (34)9.21E14
 Fc epsilon RI signalling pathway(29)0.000764
 Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis (29)0.00115
 Complement and coagulation cascades (28)5.80E07
 B cell receptor signalling pathway (28)1.01E05
 Lysosome (27)
 Antigen processing and presentation (26)5.34E05
 Salivary secretion (26)
 Adipocytokine signalling pathway (25)0.000221
 RIG-I-like receptor signalling pathway (23)0.000354
 Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway (22)0.000106
 Intestinal immune network for IgA production (22)7.87E07

 Pathways in cancer (94)2.67E08
 Transcriptional misregulation in cancer (52)3.32E06
 Prostate cancer (34)6.94E06
 Small cell lung cancer (31)4.04E06
 Colorectal cancer (23)3.33E05
 Pancreatic cancer (21)0.0019
 Acute myeloid leukaemia (21)8.14E05
 Chronic myeloid leukaemia (20)0.00747
 Glioma (19)0.00964
 Renal cell carcinoma (17)
 Endometrial cancer (16)0.0048
 Non-small cell lung cancer (15)
 Melanoma (15)
 Bladder cancer (14)0.00364
  Alzheimer's disease (52)2.02E05
  Huntington's disease (34)
  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (30)7.94E10
  Parkinson's disease(27)
  Prion diseases(22)2.26E08
Autoimmune and atopicdiseases 
  Systemic lupus erythematosus  (45)2.48E06
  Rheumatoid arthritis (44) 1.26E12
  Type I diabetes mellitus  (25)1.11E08
  Allograft rejection (23)1.56E09
  Autoimmune thyroid disease (22)1.62E05
  Graft-versus-host disease(21)3.63E06
  Asthma (14)0.00422
  Primary immunodeficiency (13)0.00168
  Viral myocarditis (31)1.24E08
  Dilated cardiomyopathy (27)0.00109
  Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) (25)0.00164
  Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) (18)
  Alcoholism (40)
  Type II diabetes mellitus (19)0.00194
  Maturity onset diabetes of the young (2)

Other infections
 HTLV-I infection (85)1.62E10
 Tuberculosis (80)6.67E19
 Influenza A (69)5.11E14
 Toxoplasmosis (66)6.90E20
 Herpes simplex infection (66)6.88E12
 Epstein-Barr virus infection (65)
 Measles (56)3.36E13
 Amoebiasis (56)4.59E13
 Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)(55)2.70E16
 Pertussis (52)1.38E20
 Leishmaniasis (51)2.49E20
 Salmonella infection (47)1.85E14
 Hepatitis C (39)0.000135
 Legionellosis (35)9.83E15
 Malaria (32)2.90E13
 Shigellosis (29)4.94E09
 Epithelial cell signalling in
Helicobacter pylori infection(26)1.83E05
 Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells(26)1.01E05
 African trypanosomiasis (24)1.56E07
Staphylococcus aureus infection(24)7.63E07
 Pathogenic Escherichia coli infection(21)0.000147 
Vibrio cholerae infection (18)