Journal of Pathogens / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

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Toxoplasmosis and Polygenic Disease Susceptibility Genes: Extensive Toxoplasma gondii Host/Pathogen Interactome Enrichment in Nine Psychiatric or Neurological Disorders

Table 3

A Statistical analysis of the overlap between human genes in the T. gondii Interactome, and the susceptibility genes in various diseases. The number of susceptibility genes analysed ( genes) is shown for each disease, together with the observed and expected values for each condition, the fold and mean enrichments, and the value derived from the chi squared test.

Disease Genes% involved in T. gondii interactomeConditionObservedExpectedEnrichment (fold) Mean enrichment (A + B)/2 value

Multiple Sclerosis408 32.5Susceptibility genes in interactome (A)13554.62.47 2.83
Interactome genes in disease dataset (B)13542.43.18
Alzheimer's 432 27.3Susceptibility genes in interactome11857.82.04 2.33
Interactome genes in disease dataset11844.92.63
Schizophrenia 759 21.1Susceptibility genes in interactome160101.61.57 1.80
Interactome genes in disease dataset16078.92.03
Bipolar disorder 443 21.2Susceptibility genes in interactome9459.31.58 1.81
Interactome genes in disease dataset9446.052.04
Depression 221 23.5Susceptibility genes in interactome5229.61.76 2.01
Interactome genes in disease dataset5222.972.26
Childhood obesity 73 31.5Susceptibility genes in interactome239.772.35 2.69
Interactome genes in disease dataset237.583.03
Parkinson's disease263 19.7Susceptibility genes in interactome5235.211.47 1.69
Interactome genes in disease dataset5227.341.90
ADHD 237 17.7Susceptibility genes in interactome4231.731.32 1.51
Interactome genes in disease dataset4224.631.70
Autism 1117 12.7Susceptibility genes in interactome142149.550.95 1.080.013
Interactome genes in disease dataset142116.131.22
Anorexia 74 16.2Susceptibility genes in interactome129.911.21 1.380.09
Interactome genes in disease dataset127.691.55
Chronic Fatigue 95 12.6Susceptibility genes in interactome1212.720.94 1.080.48
Interactome genes in disease dataset129.871.21