Table 2: Serological, clinical, and parasitological profiles of Leishmania (i.) chagasi infection in dogs. Description of the symptoms of the positive dogs and correlation with IFA, WB, and presence of parasites.

Dogs 𝑛 Clinical statusIFAWBPresence of parasites
29/3268.5Ear skinAbdominal skinliverspleenLymph nodesAscitic liquid

18Apathy, weight loss, hepatosplenomegaly onychogryphosis1280++++++++++++
21Apathy, weight loss, lymphadenopathy320+++++++
26Apathy, weight loss,1280+++++++
28Apathy, weight loss, hepatosplenomegaly lymphadenopath, ascitis.1280++++++++++++++

IFA: indirect immunofluorescent assay; WB: western blot.