Research Article

Mast Cell Subsets and Their Functional Modulation by the Acanthocheilonema viteae Product ES-62

Figure 1

Phenotyping of mast cell subsets. Exemplar plots of mast cell phenotyping by flow cytometric analysis are shown in (a)–(d). FSC and SSC parameters of PDMC, mucosal-type BMMC, and CTMC cultured in vitro for 28 days (a) and gating (relative to isotype controls; not shown) of the consequent CD117+ FcεR1+ cell population (>98%; (b)) prior to the analysis of their TLR4+ expression (c) are shown. In parallel experiments, ST2 expression of CD117+ FcεR1+ cells in the various populations was determined (d). Gray shaded plots (c-d) are isotype controls. In (e), exemplar images of toluidine blue staining of the mast cell populations (x10) are shown. The data are representative of at least 2 independent experiments.