Journal of Parasitology Research / 2014 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Partial Purification of Integral Membrane Antigenic Proteins from Trypanosoma evansi That Display Immunological Cross-Reactivity with Trypanosoma vivax

Figure 3

Identification of T. vivax-cross-reacting antigens from the fraction of T. evansi. An aliquot of the fraction (350 μg of total protein) was separated by electrophoresis on a preparative 15% polyacrylamide slab gel. Following SDS-PAGE, the proteins were electrotransferred to nitrocellulose, and the blot was cut into 3 mm strips. Strips containing the fraction were developed using sera B-303 (lane 1), B-LC31 (lane 2), B-LE14 (lane 3), B-P13 (lane 4), B-LC43 (lane 5), B-LL19 (lane 6), H-TEVA1 (lane 7), H-TeApEF (lane 8), and H-N/D (lane 9). Sera are described in Tables 1 and 2.