(a) Da Vinci Si patient-side cart
(b) Da Vinci EndoWrist and controllers
(c) FreeHand by Freehand 2010 Ltd.
(d) Telelap ALF-X by SOFAR S.p.A
Figure 3: Laparoscopy robots. The da Vinci Si, by Intuitive Surgical Inc. (a) Cart and (b) image mosaic showing the tool tips with EndoWrist articulation, and the instrument controls. (c) FreeHand, a next-generation endoscope holder. (d) A computer model of the Telelap ALF-X, by SOFAR S.p.A. The da Vinci images are ©2012 Intuitive Surgical, Inc. The FreeHand image is ©2012 Freehand 2010 Ltd. The Telelap ALF-X image is ©2012 SOFAR S.p.A. All rights reserved.