Table 1: Average computational cost of the description algorithms studied, per test image. For each description method and data set, the table shows first the necessary time to obtain the test image descriptor and second the time to compare it with the descriptors of the map and to obtain the final localization result.

2D FourierFourier SignatureGistHOGSURF-Harris

Data Set 1 Descriptor0.0087 s0.0080 s0.4886 s0.0608 s0.5542 s
Data Set 1 Match0.0015 s0.0058 s0.0006 s0.0008 s25.8085 s
Data Set 2 Descriptor0.0085 s0.0079 s0.4828 s0.0621 s0.5389 s
Data Set 2 Match0.0012 s0.0047 s0.0005 s0.0006 s19.3931 s