Many potentially harmful chemicals, released by industries and human activities, can contaminate water, soil, or air and further impact the environment and public health. Real-time and in situ monitoring of various contaminants such as pathogens, metals, radioisotopes, volatile organic compounds, crude oil, and agricultural chemicals at low levels is mandatory in the fields of industrial plants, automotive technologies, health and medicine, air and water quality control, natural soil/land/sea, and so forth. Reliable sensing technologies with high performance are highly desirable to address these issues. Sensitivity, selectivity, and limit of detection are several key parameters to evaluate the performance of sensors. The aim of this special issue is to present original research articles on all kinds of sensors for monitoring environment. The topics cover various aspects including design and fabrication of sensor platforms for environmental monitoring, theoretical studies in sensing mechanisms and principles for environmental monitoring, sensors for real-time and in situ monitoring environments, detection of pathogen in water, monitoring pollutant gases, inspection and monitoring of contaminated soil/land/sea, development of portable sensors for environmental monitoring, and multitarget detection in environmental monitoring. The papers in this special issue provide significant scientific contribution to the development and applications of sensing technologies in environmental monitoring. With respect to the above, this collection of articles is expected to be of interest for environmental engineering practitioners and researchers.


The guest editors of this special issue are most grateful to all the authors and reviewers who have generously contributed to this special issue.

Liling Fu
Panagiotis Dallas
Virender K. Sharma
Kewei Zhang