Journal of Sensors / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Novel Aerial 3D Mapping System Based on UAV Platforms and 2D Laser Scanners

Table 1

Technical characteristics of the sensors used for 3D mapping in the Aerial System.

Spatial IMUTrimble BD920Hokuyo UTM-30LXPandaboard

3-axis accelerometer
3-axis gyroscope
220 channels GPS and GLONASSScanning principle: Time-of-FlightDual-core ARM Cortex-A9 a 1.2 GHz
1 Ethernet, 4 SerialMeasurement range: <30 m
Precision (RTK mode): 8 mm horizontal, 15 mm verticalMeasurement angle: 270°1 GB DDR2 RAM
Resolution: 0.25°/1 mm2 USB, 1 Ethernet

Precision for orientation: <1°Antenna Trimble AV34
Gain: 43 dB
Scanning rate: 40 HzLINUX OS
Precision: 30 mm