Journal of Sensors / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Design and Development of a Low-Cost, Portable Monitoring Device for Indoor Environment Quality

Table 2

Sensor module names, measurement ranges, and accuracy.

TypeModuleMeasurement rangeAccuracy

TemperatureSHT310–100%±2% RH
HumiditySHT31−40 to 125°C±0.3°C
PM2.5/PM10HPMA115S00–1000 μg/m3±15%
Total VOC (TVOC1)CCS8110–1200 ppbN/A
Total VOC (TVOC2)iAQ-Core C125–600 ppbN/A
Total VOC (TVOC3)MiCS-VZ-89TE0–1000 ppbN/A
CO2T67130–5000 ppm±25 ppm
COLLC 110-1020–1000 ppm±2 ppm
Indoor air qualityLLC 110-8010–100 ppm±2 ppm
Illuminance (light)TSL25610–17,000 lux±5 lux
MicrophoneAdafruit #10630–80 dB±5 dB