Research Article

Orthorectification of WorldView-3 Satellite Image Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Table 2

Sample of horizontal distortion in buildings with height of 91–120 m.

Type of DSMHorizontal distortion

Original image prior to orthorectification13.5–14.5
DSM 30 cm1.31–1.4
DSM 50 cm1.41–1.6
DSM 1 m2.51–3.00
DSM 2 m3.51–4.00
DSM 3 m5.01–5.8
DSM 5 m8.01–10.00
DSM 10 m9.41–11.30
DSM 15 m10.61–12.20
DSM 20 m10.81–12.40