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Review Article

Treatment of Locally Advanced Melanoma by Isolated Limb Infusion with Cytotoxic Drugs

Table 2

Isolated limb infusion studies using melphalan and actinomyocin-D [1723].

Author, yearNo. of patientsResponse criteriaCRPRSDPD

Mian et al., 2001 [19]9*Best response44%56%0%0%
Lindnér et al., 2002 [21]128Best response41%43%12%4%
Brady et al., 2006 [23]22**3 months23%27%0%50%
Kroon et al., 2008 [17]185Best response38%46%10%6%
Beasley et al., 2008 [20]503 months30%14%10%46%
Marsden, 2008 [24]16***Unknown26%58%16%
Barbour et al., 2009 [22]74Best response24%30%37%7%
Beasley et al., 2009 [18]1283 months31%33%7%29%

CR: complete response; PR: partial response; SD: stable disease; PD: progressive disease.
*3 patients had >1 ILIs.
**1 patient had advanced sarcoma.
***3 patients had >1 ILIs, 4 patients had squamous cell carcinoma, and 2 patients had Merkel cell carcinoma.