Table 1: Eleven variables of regression and their definitions.


(1) RegressionPresence of grey-blue areas and/or peppering and/or blue-whitish veil and/or white areas

(2) Grey-blue areasBluish and/or larger areas of grey-blue pigmentation
 (a) StructurelessGrey-blue homogeneous pigmentation
 (b) ReticularCoarse blue-grey net, with thick grey-blue lines and large holes
 (c) GlobularAggregated grey-blue globules

(3) PepperingBlue, fine pepper-like structures

(4) White areasWhite scar-like areas

(5) Blue-whitish veilCompact, structureless, irregular, and confluent blue-whitish pigmentation. Similar to a superficial veil, palpable over the lesion

(6) Pink areasAreas of the lesion lighter than the surrounding skin with a pinkish shade

(7) Light brown areasLight brown structureless irregular areas

(8) Regression of dermoscopic structuresFading of net, globules, or pigmentation giving rise to light brown areas or small structureless areas within a structured area