Table 2: Total percent change (PC) and annual percent change (APC) for subgroups of patients with MMHN identified in SEER 9 registries from 1987 to 2009.

PC (%) APC (%) P value

  Nasal cavity102.92.7<0.01
  Paranasal sinuses286.62.30.19
Sex and Race
 White male12.60.60.52
 White female25.63.4<0.01
White Females by Age
 Age 20–54−80.2
 Age 55–84306.35.1<0.01
 Age 85+−44.1

Blank fields indicate that the statistic could not be calculated due to insufficient patient numbers in the respective subgroup.
P values refer to the likelihood that the APC is not different from zero by the weighted least squares method.