Table 1: Basal cell carcinoma and response to pulsed dye laser.

PatientAgeGenderLesionTumor subtypeLocationNumber of treatmentsResponseFollowup (months)

183M1S/NL cheek3C25
273M2NR cheek4C19
3NL face4C19
4NR jawline4C19
353F6NR forehead4C11
460F7NR shoulder3C21
583F8MNR upper lip4C25
9NL chin4C25
10NPR chin4C25
680M11NL temple3LL
785M12KL forehead3LL
885M13NMid upper lip3C8
14NUL upper lip3C8
982F15NIR nose tip4R15
1085M16NIR nose ala4C5
1165M17NNose tip3C12
1280F18NL nose ala4C9
1363M19NSL upper lip4C3
1480F20NNose tip4Inc3
1570F21S/NLower lip3C6
1690F22NUNose tip2C25
24NL temple4C3
1886M25NIMid forehead4R3
26IL forehead4R3
1954F27NINose tip4R3
2030F28NL cheek3C6
2149F29KL leg2LL
2279F30S/NL chin3C5
2481M32NIMid upper lip4R3
2548M33NR shoulder4Inc3
2679M34NR chin3LL
35NL nose3LL
36NL jawline3LL
2790F37SL nose ala3LL
2872M38UL helix ear1C4
2981M39NNose tip1C18

Pathologic subtypes. S: superficial; S/N: superficial-nodular; N: nodular; MN: micronodular; K: keratinized; NP: nodular-pigmented; NU: nodular-ulcerative; NI: nodular-infiltrative; NS: nodular-sclerotic; I: infiltrative; U: ulcerative.
Response. C: complete with at least 3 months followup evaluation; Inc: incomplete response; L: lost to followup; R: recurrence.