Figure 2: H3K79me3T80ph is cell cycle regulated. (a) H3K79me2, H3K79me3, and H3K79me3T80ph western blots of histones isolated from nondividing senescent human melanocytes and various human melanoma cell lines. (b) Western blot comparison of H3K79me3 and H3K79me3T80ph levels on histones from proliferating (P) and senescent (S) normal human melanocytes. (c) UCD-Mel-N, IIB-Mel-N, and HeLa cells were either asynchronous (−) or mitotically synchronized using colcemid (+). Histones were isolated to perform an H3K79me3T80ph western blot, and whole cell lysate was used to perform Cyclin B1 western blotting as a control for cell synchronization.