Table 2: The sensitivity and specificity of recent studies using FISH assays to identify melanoma.

Probe set usedResearch studySensitivity %Specificity %Melanoma tested
Typical nevi tested
Ambiguous lesion testedNumber of experts reviewing results

chromosome 6, 7, 11, and 20Hossain et al. [30]94%94%29/312/3202

6p25 (RREB1)
6q23 (MYB)
11q13 (CCND1)
Gerami et al. [6]86.795.472/834/8612/272
Fang et al. [31]829841/501/50*0 **
Vergier et al. [32]859017/202/1923/903
Abásoloet al. [33]10094.127/271/91/92
Gaiser et al. [34]50***60***73123

9p21 (CDKN2A)
6p25 (RREB1)
11q13 (CCND1)
Gerami et al. [35]9498 **/51 **/510 **
8q24 (MYC)

DXZ1Satoh et al. [36]1001008/80/80 **

*Corrected for tetraploidy.
**Exact number not specified.
***Based on clinical behavior.