Figure 1: (a) Photos (4x magnification) taken from cultures of melanocytes derived from normal skin (left, MC) and dysplastic naevus (right, DNMC), representative of the MC and DNMC cultures of all 18 patients from which each of the melanocyte cultures were derived. (b) Scatter plot with average-log expression ratio’s within one DNMC sample plotted against the average-log ratio’s within the paired MC sample from one representative patient sample set. Each dot represents an interrogated probeset. The diagonal lines in the graph are outlier lines that indicate a 2-fold difference in the geometric mean of the expression ratio’s between the DNMC and MC sample. (c) Clustering dendrogram of the expression values of all melanocyte samples. The vertical axis indicates the Euclidean distance with complete linkage as a measure for the extent of similarity between the samples. The horizontal axis contains all samples; A-labeled sample numbers, melanocytes derived from normal skin; B-labeled sample numbers, melanocytes derived from dysplastic naevus. The calculated -index (0.997) and -index (0.02) showed that the clusters were highly reproducible.