Figure 3: Tumor response to 188Re-6D2 mAb in patients. (a) 18FDG PET/CT of a patient from Phase Ia: left panel—10 days before the study showing coronal and transaxial views, right panel—7 days after the dose of 188Re-6D2 mAb; (b) patient from Phase Ib with a stable disease who received 30 mCi/16 mg 188Re-6D2 mAb: left panel—18FDG PET/CT 10 days before the study; right panel—18FDG PET/CT 24 weeks after the study; (c) patient from Phase Ib with progressive disease who received 54 mCi/47 mg 188Re-6D2 mAb: panels from left to right—CT 6 months prior to study; 1 month prior to study; at the time of 188Re-6D2 mAb administration; 1 month after administration.