Review Article

Nutritional Considerations for Performance in Young Athletes

Table 3

Supplemental nutrition recommendations for athletes.

Protein1.2–1.8 g/kg/day derived from whole food sources
After exercise: 20 g of high quality protein shortly after exercise

CarbohydrateDuring exercise: 30–60 g/hr for exercise lasting more than 1 hour
After exercise: 1.0–1.5 g/kg of body mass within 30 minutes of exercise cessation

FluidBefore exercise: 5–7 mL/kg 4 hrs prior to exercise
During exercise: assess sweat rate and develop hydration plan to maintain body mass during exercise
After exercise: 450–675 mL/0.5 kg and additional sodium consideration to account for loss through sweat

MicronutrientsDuring exercise: sodium to offset losses associated with sweat being lost in sweat