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Volume 18, Issue 4, Pages 613-619

Mass spectrometry of some arylidene thioxobenzyl or thioxobiphenyloxoethyl thiazolidinone compounds

V. L. M. Guarda,1 C. Bosso,2 S. L. Galdino,1 J. F. C. Albuquerque,1 M. C. A. Lima,1 J. B. P. Silva,1 L. F. C. Leite,1 and I. R. Pitta1

1Grupo de Pesquisa do Laboratório de Planejamento e Síntese de Fármacos, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Cidade Universitária, CEP 50670-901 Recife, Brazil
2Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules Végétales - CERMAV - CNRS, BP 53X, 38041 Grenoble cédex, France

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This paper reports the results of a comparative study of the electron impact mass spectrometry data for a series of previously synthetized 5-arylidene-3-(4-chloro-benzyl)-4-thioxo-thiazolidin-2-one, and 5-arylidene-3-(2-biphenyl-4-yl-2-oxo-ethyl)-4-thioxo-thiazolidin-2-one derivatives. Theoretical calculations of molecular mechanics, MOPAC‒AM1, were used to explain the fragmentations observed.