Table 2: Classification and gradation schemes of simulation tests of granular media.

Test schemesProject names Symbols of classification Contents of different grain size groups of classification Simulated true values of different grain sizes
Gravel (%)Soil (%)Gravel (%)Sand (%)Soil (%)

ISand of soilS.F<5≥10%4.0%30.0%66.0%
IISandy soil of gravelFS.G<30>10%15.0%25.0%60.0%
IIIGravelly soil of sandFG.S30–50>10%40.0%20.0%40.0%
IVSandy gravel of soil GS.F50–70>10%60.0%25.0%15.0%
VSandy gravel of rubbleGS.R>70<5%80.0%16.0%4.0%