Table 3: Band assignment for the average spectrum of naturally seasoned and kiln-dried wood.

Peak no. in Figure 7Wavelength (nm)Bond vibrations:

11452Linked to O-H 2nd overtone (CH2-OH) from primary alcohols
21695–1725Related to C-H 2nd overtone of symmetric stretching in aliphatic hydrocarbons and overlaps with C-H methyl in aromatics that may be phenols or lignin at 1744 nm
31928Related to O-H stretching and HOH deformation combination from water molecule
42148Related to first overtone of C-H stretching in aromatics (indicated by black and red arrow in Figure 6(b))
52280Related to C-H stretching and CH2 deformations in the polysaccharides that end by signal from C-H, C-C
62347Related to C-O-C stretching combinations in hydrocarbons, cellulose, and aromatics
72475Related to C-H in methyl groups and C-C stretching combinations in hydrocarbons, aromatics, and cellulose