Journal of Toxicology / 2009 / Article / Fig 8

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Molecular and Biochemical Effects of a Kola Nut Extract on Androgen Receptor-Mediated Pathways

Figure 8

Biz-2 increases Caspase 3/7 levels in LNCaP cells. LNCaP cells (1 × 106) were grown in test medium and induced with 100 ppm Biz-2 for 24 hours, and the resulting Caspase 3/7 activity was determined using the Apo-One Homogeneous Caspase-3/7 assay as described in Section 2. (a) Western blot of Bcl2 and Bax proteins following induction of LNCaP with Biz-2 in the absence and presence of flutamide. (b) Caspase 3/7 activity was expressed as n-fold increase relative to untreated control (n = 8, mean ± SEM).