Table 6: Percentage of individuals in the diverse Canadian subpopulations that are covered by the HKAF and the default factor for various dose metrics and chemicals.

Subpopulation Variability descriptorDose metrics
CAss (%)RAM (%)CAss (%)RAM (%)

 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th96969597
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th99>99>99>99
 Default 3.16 factor100100>99100
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th5710027100
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th7310048100
 Default 3.16 factor10010060100
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th89977697
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th97>9992>99
 Default 3.16 factor10010097100
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th93979296
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th99>999999
 Default 3.16 factor100100>99100
Children and adolescents
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th96969895
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th>99>99>99>99
 Default 3.16 factor100100100100
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th95969596
 “whole population”(a) HKAF99th>999999>99
 Default 3.16 factor100100>99100
Pregnant Women
 “whole population”(a) HKAF95th78638666
  “whole population”(a) HKAF99th92859686
 Default 3.16 factor10010098100
Canadian population
 Greatest(b) “distinct subpopulation” HKAF95th>99>99>99>99
 Greatest(b) “distinct subpopulation” HKAF99th>99>99>99>99
 Default 3.16 factor100100>99100

( a ) Based on the median value in the whole Canadian population. ( b ) Based on the median value in adults in Table 5.
CAss: blood concentration of parent compound (μg/L); RAM: rate of metabolism (μg/h-L of liver).