Research Article

High Content Imaging and Analysis Enable Quantitative In Situ Assessment of CYP3A4 Using Cryopreserved Differentiated HepaRG Cells

Figure 7

Quantification of numbers of CYP3A4-expressing cells via High Content Analysis. Using quantitative HCA image analysis, the percentage of HepaRG cells staining positively for CYP3A4 in vehicle and 10 M rifampicin-treated cells at each cell seeding density was determined. (a) shows the percentages of CYP-expressing cells within the entire HepaRG population for each condition. (b) shows the division of CYP3A4-expressing cells by nuclear size; small nuclei = ≤ 125 μm2; large nuclei = > 125 μm2. Data represent mean ± SEM for 3 independent experiments. represents versus DMSO vehicle controls at the same cell seeding density; represents versus HepaRG cells seeded at 25,000 cells per well.