Journal of Toxicology / 2019 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Evaluation of Skin Irritation and Acute and Subacute Oral Toxicity of Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oils in Rabbit and Mice

Table 5

Relative organ weight (g/100 g of body weight) of mice orally treated with L. angustifolia EO for 21 days.

ControlLA 2000 mg/kg

Liver (g)5.6±0.97.2±0.2
Kidney (g)1.5±0.21.6±0.14
Liver (g)8.06±0.66.2±1.4
Kidney (g)2.1±0.11.7±0.2

Values are expressed as mean ± SEM, n = 5 animals/group, p > 0.05 (Independent-samples T test), and LA= L. angustifolia