Figure 3: (a) visualisation LAMP products by fluorescence. To the extreme left and right are the negative and positive controls respectively. The 2 samples next to the negative control were from T. b. rhodesiense HAT cases, the one next to positive control is from a non-HAT infected individual. (b) detection of RIME LAMP amplification product using doubled labelled Milenia Genline Hybridetect 2 lateral flow strips. Product detection is achieved through hybridisation of fluoresceine isothiocyanate (FITC)-labeled probe with biotinylated LAMP product followed by combination with gold-labeled anti-FITC forming a triple-labeled complex which moves up the strip and is captured by an immobilized biotin-binding protein (test line). The nonhybridized FITC probe binds to the gold-labeled anti-FITC to form a double complex without biotin and is trapped at the control line. The faint line between the test control lines is nonspecific binding at DIG test line.