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Review Article

On Programmed Cell Death in Plasmodium falciparum: Status Quo

Table 3

Protein/domain with functionP. falciparumP. knowlesiP. vivaxP. yoelii

ATM (detection of DNA damage)PF13_0072 (−2) PFD0690c (−2)PKH_051590 (−2)PVX_084530 (−5)

p53 DBD (initiator of PCD)PFE1120w (−2) PFE0325w (−1)

MDM2/SWIB (negative regulation of p53 activity)PF10_0167 (−1)PKH_060130 (−1)PVX_001730 (−2)PY00201 (−1)

CR6 (negative regulation of cell cycle)MAL7P1.212 (−3)PKH_101090 (−1)

IAP (inhibitor of apoptosis)PFE0985w (−2)PKH_101280 (−3)PVX_080265 (−4)PY00703 (−1)

Peptidase C14 (execution of apoptosis)PF13_0289 (−22) PF14_0160 (−1) PF14_0363 (−1)PKH_111640 (−25) PKH_133100 (−2) PKH_126800 (−1)PVX_114725 (−22) PVX_085640 (−2) PVX_118575 (−1)
PY04718 (−2) PY00663 (−1)

Abbreviations: ATM: ataxia telangiectasia mutated; CR: cell regulator; DBD: DNA-binding domain; IAP: inhibitor of apoptosis protein; MDM2: murine double-minute 2; SWIB: swinged wings locus complex B; —: no orthologue detected.

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