Research Article

Quality Assessment of Artemether-Lumefantrine Samples and Artemether Injections Sold in the Cape Coast Metropolis

Table 4

Percentage content of artemether and lumefantrine in samples.

Sample codeStated content of
artemether (mg)
Actual content of
artemether (mg)
Percentage content
of artemether (%)
Stated content of
lumefantrine (mg)
Actual content of
lumefantrine (mg)
Percentage content
of lumefantrine (%)

AL 12020.44102.18120121.38101.15Passed
AL 22020.32101.62120120.83100.69Passed
AL 32020.24101.18120120.14100.11Passed
AL 42019.5597.74120118.4598.70Passed
AL 58078.4398.04140140.51100.36Passed
AL 62020.38101.89120123.00102.50Passed
AL 72020.37101.84120123.02102.51Passed
AL 82020.56102.82120134.24111.87Failed
AT 18079.9499.92Passed
AT 28078.5498.17Passed