Table 3: The comparative analysis of stem LFD LAMP, SAM-1 LAMP, and nested PCR test in the detection of previously confirmed and archived C. hominis and C. parvum DNA samples and clinical samples.

IndicesTypes of test

Cryptosporidium spp. DNA ( = 39)Number of positive samples29 (74.4%)27 (69.2%)25 (64.1%)

Clinical samples ( = 67)Number of positive samples16 (23.9%); 19 (28.4%)14 (20.8%)11 (16.4%)
Time to results (Min)80120320
Accelerating primersLoop and stemLoopnd

SAM-1 LAMP test [15]; SSU rRNA nested PCR [31]. Template was preheated for 5 minutes. Detection using gel electrophoresis. From master mix preparation to visual result readout. The samples were also positive using stem LFD LAMP test; Nd: not done.