Research Article

Thyroid Hormones Concentrations during the Mid-Dry Period: An Early Indicator of Fatty Liver in Holstein-Friesian Dairy Cows

Table 1

Ingredients of cow’s diets.

Days related to calving
Composition−60 to −14 days−14 to 0 days 0 to +60 days

Ingredient, kg
Alfalfa hay3.43
Grass hay2.821.50
Wheat straw1.800.60
Corn silage 44% DM9.50
Corn silage 33% DM10.010.0
Corn silage 33.94% DM9.00
Alfalfa haylage 51.79% DM5.002.50
Alfalfa haylage 47.40% DM5.00
Brewer’s grain 21.00% DM5.00
Corn grain0.710.982.50
Barley grain0.500.501.50
Soybean grits0.301.30
Soybean meal 44% N0.671.101.13
Wheat flour0.500.501.30
Sugar beet pulp1.82
DextroFat SC0.100.40
Optigen II, 41% N0.14
Dextrose monohydrate0.040.10
Dicalcium phosphate 18% P0.27
Magnesium oxide0.05
Sodium bicarbonate0.15
Sodium chloride (iodized)0.07
Calcium carbonate0.030.040.03
Milkinal trocken 3%0.200.08
Beta carotene0.004