Journal of Thyroid Research / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Thyroid Autoantibodies in Pregnancy: Their Role, Regulation and Clinical Relevance

Table 1

Tg-Ab and TPO-Ab as clinical markers.

Tg-Ab and TPO-Ab as clinical Markers

PositivityMore likely to be TPO-Ab than Tg-Ab if serum positive for only one autoantibody

PrevalenceTPO-Ab are more prevalent than Tg-Ab in the community, and in Grave’s disease

TitersTg-Ab and TPO-Ab fluctuate in parallel, decreasing after antithyroid drugs, increase transiently after I131 therapy, decrease during pregnancy, increase post-partum, and are induced/enhanced by interferon-

PredictorsTPO Ab Better than Tg-Ab in predicting post-partum thyroid dysfunction

DiseaseTg-Ab alone not significantly associated with disease

The comparison of thyroglobulin and TPO antibody as used as clinical markers. Adapted from McLachlan and Rapoport 2004 [18].