Research Article

Elevated Serum Thyroglobulin and Low Iodine Intake Are Associated with Nontoxic Nodular Goiter among Adults Living near the Eastern Mediterranean Coast

Table 2

Demographic characteristics, serum Tg values, and estimated dietary iodine intake of the study groups.


Gender (women, men)25, 612, 213, 4
Age (years)
 Mean±58 ± 1354 ± 1760 ± 10
 Range (years)23–7721–7149–80
Serum Tg (ng/mL)
 25th–75th percentiles range12–323–4310–182
(abnormally elevated values)0 (0%)1 (7%)5 (29%)
Estimated dietary iodine intake (μg/d)
 Mean± 115 ± 60B73 ± 38AB65 ± 30A
 Range (μg/d)27–26329–16510–113

Plus-minus values are mean ± SD.
ABMeans without a common letter are significantly different (Tukey-Kramer, α = 0.05).
(abnormally elevated values) = number of participants with Tg values above 60 ng/mL.
displayed as number of positive cases (percentage in brackets).
Groups are significantly different (Fisher exact test, < 0.05).
Tg: thyroglobulin; NNG: nontoxic nodular goiter; ng/mL: nanogram per milliliter; μg/d: microgram per day.