Table 1: Details of clinical presentation and demographic profile of patients.

S. No. Parameter Group I (n=60)Group II (n=39)P value

1Mean age (years)33.7 ± 11.334.9 ± 12.00.61

2Gender ratio F:M50:8 (6.3:1)32:7 (4.6:1)0.28

3Mean tumor size (cm)4.4 ± 0.96.7 ± 1.10.001
Range (cm)2.5-5.86-11

4Duration of goitre (months)30.1 ± 32.660.5 ± 102.40.03
Range (months)1-1442-480

5Clinical diagnosis(n=61)(n=40)
MNG-both lobes1114
MNG-one lobe11
Graves’ disease01
Toxic MNG04
Postoperative histology of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) 21

7Preoperative FNAC
Not done31
Bethesda I11
Bethesda II4430
Bethesda III33
Bethesda IV64
Bethesda V11
Bethesda VI30