Journal of Thyroid Research / 2019 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Hospital-Based Study of Iodine Nutrition Status of Breastfeeding Mothers in Bangladesh

Table 3

Multiple logistic regressions for predictors of low urinary iodine (<100μgm/L).

VariablesOR95% CI for OR

Age of the mother ≥30 years0.2494.180.37–47.45
Socioeconomic status average or less0.5271.460.45–4.70
Nonexclusive breast feeding0.1732.210.71–6.88
Unawareness of iodine0.4962.300.21–25.27
Age of breastfed baby ≤6 months0.2841.850.60–5.66

OR: odds ratio, CI: confidence interval.