Journal of Transplantation / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Urinary NGAL Ratio Is Not a Sensitive Biomarker for Monitoring Acute Tubular Injury in Kidney Transplant Patients: NGAL and ATI in Renal Transplant Patients

Table 4

Correlation of uNGAL ratios to the different donor/recipient gender combinations.

Gender combinations
NGAL in 6-week samplesa (ng/g) NGAL in 6-month samplesb (ng/g)

Male/male14,259 5,670

Urinary NGAL/creatinine ratios at 6 weeks and 6 months after transplantation according to the four combinations of donor and recipient gender. At both time points, differences between the four combinations were significant (a and b ; the Kruskal Wallis test). Posttesting identified differences to the male donor/male recipient group (c ; d ; e ; f ).