Figure 1: Transduction efficiency in vitro. (a) MPK cells transduced at various concentrations by rAAV6/ARAP4, a control expression vector for the reporter gene alkaline phosphatase (AP), were stained with a histochemical stain for AP 72 hours after transduction. (b) Western blot analysis of HO-1 expression by MPK cells transduced with  VG/cell of rAAV6/HO-1 for 48 hrs (NTC, nontransduced cells). (c) Enzymatic activity of HO-1 in MPK cells transduced with  vg/cell of rAAV6/HO-1. Values are mean ± SEM. plates NTC cells, plates rAAV6/HO-1-transduced cells. Each plate was run in triplicate (* as compared to nontransduced control cells, NTC).