Clinical Study

High-Urgency Renal Transplantation: Indications and Long-Term Outcomes

Table 1

Recipient demographics, etiology of the renal disease, and indication for HU renal transplantation.

Number of patients 33
Gender (male/female) (%)17/16 (52/48)
Average age at time of transplantation (years)38 (1–65)
Average time on HU status (days)71 (0–967)
Etiology of renal insufficiency
 Reflux nephropathy8
 IgA nephropathy4
 Diabetic nephropathy3
 Polycystic kidney disease3
 Vascular nephropathy3
 Analgetic nephropathy2
Indication for high-urgency renal
transplantation (%)
 Lack of dialysis access22 (67%)
 Psychological problems 5 (15%)
 Hemodialysis problems4 (12%)
 Uremic polyneuropathy2 (6%)