Table 2: Univariate and multivariate analyses of factors associated with postoperative nausea and vomiting.

⁢Univariate logistic 
⁢regression analysis
⁢Multivariate logistic 
⁢regression analysis
OR95% CI valueOR95% CI value

Age (per decade)0.950.80–1.140.61
Sex (ref. male)2.811.71–4.62<0.0012.781.60–4.83<0.001
BMI (per 1 kg/m2)0.910.85–0.980.0070.910.85–0.980.012
Side of kidney (ref. left)0.960.54–1.680.88
ASA (ref. 1)0.810.47–1.390.44
Operative time (per 60 min)0.650.41–1.030.0681.030.61–1.730.91
Dexamethasone (ref. control)0.0110.041
 Low dose1.080.58–2.020.810.810.41–1.600.55
 High dose0.480.28–0.830.0090.470.26–0.860.014
Intraoperative ondansetron use0.530.20–1.410.20
Ketorolac use (ref. no use)1.010.63–1.630.96
Acetaminophen use (ref. no use)1.430.85–2.400.17
Total opioid (per 1 mg)1.011.00–1.020.0351.011.00–1.020.058

and Lemeshow Test: value 0.30
ASA: American Society of Anesthesiologists; BMI: body mass index; CI: confidential interval; OR: odds ratio.