Figure 3: Progesterone receptor staining of Yankasa sheep uteri during first trimester (day 28 of gestation). Arrow heads indicate moderate positive progesterone receptor (PR) staining (2+) and eosinophilic cells, while arrow indicates strong positive staining (3+) for progesterone receptors (PR) and endometrial lymphocytes. Figure 3(a) (control sheep): progesterone receptor staining showed moderate positive staining (2+) in all parts of the uterus (IHC ×100). Figure 3(b) (dexamethasone treated sheep): progesterone receptor staining indicated strong positive staining (3+) in the glandular epithelia cells (GE), moderate positive staining (2+) in the stromal (S) and luminal cells (LE) (IHC ×100), and traced staining (1+) or moderate staining (2+) in the myometrial cells (ME). Scale bars represent 50 μm.