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Mediators of Inflammation
Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 459-463

Inhibition of Immune Complex-Induced Inflammation by A small Molecular Weight Selectin Antagonist

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The anti-inflammatory effect of a small molecular weight antagonist of P- and E-selectin-dependent cell adhesion was examined. The glycolipid sulphatide was shown to block the adherence of thrombin-activated rat platelets to HL-60 cells. This interaction is known to be dependent on P-selectin. The rat dermal reverse passive Arthus reaction was used to assess the effect of sulphatide on a neutrophil dependent inflammatory response. Sulphatide dosedependently blocked both the vascular permeability increase and cell infiltration after intraperitoneal administration. These results show that a small molecular weight compound which blocks P- and E-selectin dependent adhesion in vitro can effectively block the inflammation due to immune complex deposition. A compound with this type of profile may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of immune complex mediated diseases.