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Mediators of Inflammation
Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 144-148

CD25+ T-lymphocytes induce CD11b on eosinophils in allergic nasal mucosa

1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Yamanashi Medical University, 1110 Shimokato, Tamaho-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-38, Japan
2Department of Parasitology & Immunology, Yamanashi Medical University, 1110 Shimokato, Tamaho-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-38, Japan

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In the allergic mucosa, there is a significant increase in numbers of CD25+ cells and activated eosinophils. To determine whether a link exists between the activated T-lymphocytes and tissue eosinophils in nasal allergy, we studied CD25+ cells in the nasal mucosa and compared the levels of soluble IL-2 receptor (sIL-2R) both in the serum and the nasal secretions, and further investigated expression of CD11b on eosinophils in the nasal lavage fluids and peripheral blood of patients with nasal allergy. We also examined the effects of the culture supernatant of Con A- and IL-2-activated T-lymphocytes on CD11b expression on eosinophils in the present study. The concentration of sIL-2R in the nasal secretions from patients with Japanese cedar pollinosis (JCP) was significantly higher than that from normal subjects (p < 0.01). The sIL-2R level was significantly higher in the nasal secretions than in the sera in patients (p < 0.01), and CD11b expression on eosinophils from nasal hvage fluid was significandy higher than that of eosinophils from peripheral blood of the same individuals (p < 0.01). The activated T-lymphocytes promoted eosinophil activation with upregulation of CD11b in vitro, and eosinophils in the nasal secretions from patients significantly expressed more CD11b in vivo. These results indicate that activation of T-lymphocytes is linked to eosinophil activation in nasal allergy.